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Creating playable content for children

What could be easier than creating playable content for kids? The truth is that the task isn’t as straightforward as people may believe. While games are naturally the realm of the young, younger children tend to understand rules, goals and fun rather differently. True, children learn quite quickly about the basic concepts of life, however they understand them in a different way. Visiting the doctor, for example, is not a routine chore, but an adventure of its own. And things we may think as being exciting, such as going to the movies, can be seen as a tedious and way too long experience for toddlers.

So what is the key for a satisfying experience for young kids?

I believe there are few:

1. Gameplay has to be satisfying in short sessions, however there should be enough depth for further exploration. Levels, modes are good, but even better if each level or mode is playable as a shorter session or a longer one.

2. The gameplay has to revolve around something you can identify with – if not a character – even a concept can do. Creating a world of faeries is great, but remember there needs to be a specific faerie, such as the protagonist, that should be playable, so the experience is not detached.

3. There can a surprise element that can be explored and tested multiple times. For example, an egg which users knock on to see different objects hiding inside.

4. Interaction should happen in a limited number of ways. For example, touch and drag an apple to a basket, then touch and drag a sheep to the yard.

5. Consistency is key when a learning experience is sought after. There are lots of games where kids can touch many things and see what they do, but nothing is learned unless there is some overall theme and ruleset that’s causing things to act as they do.

Creating levels for Burning Things

The process of building and editing levels for Burning Things, our upcoming game for Iphone and iPad, incorporates three steps:

1. Creating level story and theme

2. Illustrating the level sprites (characters, buildings, trees, etc)

3. Building the level using the level editor

We had to create our own level editor to unleash the creative power and transform it into fun and intuitive play for… remember? this game is designed for kids.

This means each level has to be fun for any age between 3 and 10. Sounds challenging? Not too challenging if we can dynamically position any element on the course of the fire truck and scale the difficulty so the far reaches of the level are for the more skillful players, while younger players can enjoy the calmer early stages.

‘Burning Things’ coming soon to iPad and iPhones and toddlers

Not everything is candies and watermelons in Can Town. A massive fire runs wild, and only Cat and Dog can save the animal citizens with their old but mighty red truck.

Burning Things was created in order to address the shortage in young children quality games and content. We chose to put the text aside, and let the game itself tech a bit about the world of firefighters.

More details as well as a final launch date soon.

Praise: Cavernous receives 4.5 stars from appSafari

Our latest game, Cavernous, was given a generous 4.5 stars out of 5 by appSafari.com. The very positive review places appSafari as the first major site to take a closer look at our game and review it in depth.

Some highlights:

“I found Cavernous to be a delightfully engaging game”

“Cavernous offers more than 50 levels for hours of entertainment.”

Cavernous is now featured on the main page of appSafari.com.