Super Ninja Therapy

Super Ninja Therapy: support and game info

When all conventional and alternatives treatments fail, and as an absolute last resort, Niki tries a mysterious therapist known to master the ancient art of Ninja Therapy.
Join Niki as she battles through an immensely challenging voyage, spanning across miles of pixel beauty.

So what have we got here:
– A ninja girl in tracksuit
– An evil clan of samurai, warriors and even monsters
– 50 levels of pixel art environments
– Upgrade system and super special weapons
– The Master, with his unique style of guiding Niki through

And more:
– Game Center support
– Leaderboards
– Achievements
– In-App Purchases allowing to boost your Goldies collection when you need to. Yes, if you’re a core gamer and turned off by this, rest assured, as your skills can be a good match for a deep purse.

Be sure to check out for updates and news as our game is fresh from the oven and there is heaps more to follow!


Super Ninja Therapy supports the following devices:

– iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5

– iPad 2, the new iPad (3rd generation)

– iPod Touch 4th Generation, iPod touch 5th generation.

How to play:

This is simple, ninja!

Tap left, right arrows to move.

Tap ‘jump’ (the ‘up’ arrow) to… well, jump.

Tap ‘kick'(boot button) to kick

Tap ‘punch’ to punch, or use special super weapon.

Upgrade system

As you collect Goldies, or gold coins, the game may actually become a bit, just a bit, easier.

After each game, you can use the upgrade menu on the right to upgrade your ninja super weapons.

When you need an instant boost for Goldies, use the menu on the right to but In-App Goldies.

Platforms have two types:

– Type A, one-sided

– Type X41, two-sided. can be frustrating sometimes, sorry.



Q: What’s the story with virtual currency? why not a proper paid game and not this In-App nonsense?

A: Thanks for asking. Although many gamers see this as a breach of the core gamer constitution, chapter 5, paragraph 2a, we are happy to defend our cause. The battle for indie development is tough and long, but we believe this way we can actually support ourselves, stay afloat and possibly even achieve returns for our immense investment and efforts. Although some of you may think we are happy to work for nothing, we are not. At least some of us.

Q: What about iCade support?

A: This is currently in the works, will be added very soon.

Q: Why did you make this game so hard?

A: Tough question. we truly believe the therapeutic process of failing is an important part of playing games. Actually, in some games the joy of dying can be a good match for the fun of winning. Taking on the tradition of games such as Super Crate Box, we believe our players deserve a good bit of slappin’. For their loyalty.

Q: My 3 y.o. nephew played the game and found it too hard.

A: The game is not for kids. but you can get our previous game, Tiny Fireman, which is 100% child safe, and a quality title in its own merit.

Still have questions? Type in your feedback and send over attached to a poisoned arrow:




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