Game title:
Super Ninja Therapy
Developer: Samuramu
Based in Tel Aviv, Israel

Founding date:
November 19, 2010


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Mapu 28
Ground Floor
Tel Aviv

+972 (52) 3930258


Samuramu is an independent game development house founded by Gur Ilany in 2010. After 6 years of developing browser based games, Gur decided it was time to send all his clients a 'you're fired' email and start on his own. Drawing on the success of mobile platforms and Apple's App Store, Samuramu focuses on delivering quality games for avid gamers, young or grown up. Most of our current players are of ages 4-7, driving around the Red Truck and spraying water everywhere in 'Tiny Fireman', our most successful iOS title. Our focus is mostly on going early to the beach, but between sand sessions we do try to produce some fine pieces of work.


Early history

Back in 2003, Gur Ilany, at the time a young game developer focusing on Flash, created 'Sketchbook Samurai', a Flash game, and uploaded it to a few free game websites. The game had a high-score table, and Gur's personal best was 28,000 points. Overnight the game became a hit, being copied and pasted to many servers and hitting 650,000 players in one weekend. The highest score was 1,200,000 points, something Gur didn't think was possible. 9 years later, Gur decided to pick up where things were left with 'Sketchbook Samurai', and produce a fully featured fighting game, this time for iOS.

Fast forward to 2012

After about 9 months in development, 'Super Ninja Therapy', previously known as 'Tracksuit Ninja', is nearing completion. Fortunately, the original idea turns our to be a peculiarly awesome playing experience. The game is quite tough, requiring the necessary amount of skill to progress. Collecting coins, or 'Goldies', gets you further in the game, bringing tougher enemies, bosses and new environments.



Official preview gameplay trailer YouTube



There are far more images available for Super Ninja Therapy, but these are the ones we felt would be most useful to you. If you have specific requests, please do contact us!

Awards & Recognition

Selected Articles

  • "This looks pretty interesting. I'm intrigued"
    - jumpman475 (TouchArcade Forum member), TouchArcade Forums thread
  • "Lovin the Bruce Lee reference."
    - Exact-Psience (TouchArcade Forum member), TouchArcade Forums thread
  • "All you've got is quotes from forum members?! Don't you have any coverage by some real game journalists?"
    - Gur Ilany, www.samuramu.com

Team & Repeating

Gur Ilany
Designer, coder

Gisle Martens Meyer aka Ninja 9000
Original Music

presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks