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Reading Superhero Flies!

Reading Superhero screenshot


Learn reading on the superhero lane! Join Elino and Bombo the villain as they struggle for wor(l)d dominance. Play and read as you go, enhancing contextual learning abilities and speed while completing challenging mini-games and tasks.

● Reading becomes fun in a superhero themed game
● Play 25 different fun mini-games
● Read single words and sentences
● Great for preschool, school and 2nd language
● Game Center achievements
● Can be played in short bursts (1-5 minutes)
● Learn a large vocabulary, in context!

About contextual learning theory:

● Both direct instruction and constructivist activities can be compatible and effective in the achievement of learning goals.

● Increasing one’s efforts results in more ability. This theory opposes the notion that one’s aptitude is unchangeable. Striving for learning goals motivates an individual to be engaged in activities with a commitment to learning

● Children learn the standards values, and knowledge of society by raising questions and accepting challenges to find solutions that are not immediately apparent. Other learning processes are explaining concepts, justifying their reasoning and seeking information. Therefore, learning is a social process which requires social and cultural factors to be considered during instructional planning. This social nature of learning also drives the determination of the learning goals.

● Knowledge and learning are situated in particular physical and social context. A range of settings may be used such as the home, the community, and the workplace, depending on the purpose of instruction and the intended learning goals.

● Knowledge may be viewed as distributed or stretched over the individual, other persons, and various artifacts such as physical and symbolic tools and not solely as a property of individuals. Thus, people, as an integral part of the learning process, must share knowledge and tasks.


Super Ninja Therapy Out with 148apps Love

The last 24 hours were pretty mad, as finally the game launched and there are already lots of impressive high scores on Game Center.

And we’ve got our first major review, from a tiny site called, and it’s pretty amazing how well the essence of the game was captured by Carter Dotson. The score itself is a solid 3.5 stars, and I’m proud of it.


Launched: Tiny Fireman Free

We are excited to announce the newest member in our app family – Tiny Fireman Free.

Tiny Fireman Free offers all the functionality of Tiny Fireman, with 1 basic area unlocked, and 3 more unlockables by in-app-purchase.

Tiny Fireman, for those not familiar with the game, is an enchanting game experience for young kids. It promotes pro-social behavior of helping others and features cooperative playing on the iPhone and iPad.

In the game, children and parents can collaborate driving the Red Truck, in an effort to rescue the animal inhabitants of Can Town. The intuitive controls allow children of ages 3 and above enjoy the game.

So what are you waiting for? Get Tiny Fireman Free now!

Tiny Fireman updates to version 1.2

Our latest update to version 1.2 is live and ready for download.

The update has a few new features, the most exciting of them is the ladder:

You can now use the ladder to rescue survivors on tall towers, buildings and high on trees. Just tap the ladder to stop the Red Truck. it will be pulled out automatically. Make sure there’s a victim calling for help – the’ll be able to climb off the ladder.

Controlling the Red Truck is now different, and more intuitive for the young ones: You basically just toch the truck to advance, and as soon as you let it go the truck stops. This way, it’s much easier to take care of all the little animals in need of help.

There are also various iPad optimizations and some minor bug fixes.


Tiny Fireman 1.3 update details

While our upcoming update for ‘Burning Things’, version 1.2, has mainly bug fixes and compatibility enhancements, the next version (1.3) will have a brand new gameplay mode.

The new mode will utilize Red Truck’s currently passive ladder, and allow players to rescue fire victims from the rooftops of burning buildings.

Players will have to tap or drag around the ladder to place it in the correct spot – to let Cat automatically advance to the next platform.